Welcome to Guided Mindset

This online coaching program is to support professional people and competing athletes.

Guided mindset coaching programs are designed using the latest linguistic language patterns to help clients develop new skills to support life’s issues while holding down a professional career.

Issues such as anxiety, depression, and other life change events can come along in all our lives and can be emotional damaging to our future without the right support.

As the saying goes, “ it’s tough at the top” having personal issues to deal with while moving forward with a carrier has the potential to stall or permanently damage your future prospects.

Over the last century sound waves has been developed and a new learning of the power of sound is becoming more common, things like radar and ultra sound have changed our way of thinking about sound waves

The recording programs listed on the categories page will support clients, by taking their mind into a beta wave (This is the relaxed state, that your mind goes to when you are relaxed or just before you drift off to sleep) here using hypnotic language pattern a client can be comfortable guided to consider a range of options and resources that might help them to evolve their current situation.

Understanding can be the key to overcoming