Help With Bereavement

It is not easy to say goodbye when someone you love laid to rest, and a lot of the time it can happen relatively suddenly.

And perhaps that is because we can be so used to looking forward in our futures that when someone we love passes, we can feel cheated. Cheated of maybe not being able to say goodbye, or not having our loved ones in our lives anymore.

And while other people seem to have life differently, it can feel unfair that we have to accept such a situation. And although your hurt and pain is very personal you still need to function.    

As people, we mentally turn away from the thought of losing someone but unfortunately it is something that we all must to deal with at some point in our lives.

While grieving process, we can sometime get caught up in all the unpleasantness of laying our loved ones to rest, and this may overshadow all those wonderful moments and memories you have shared.

In this recording I’d like to help you remember the good times and although nothing can change events, this may help you to explore alternative ways of coping.