Jennifer B

I went to Gav for a NLP session. Within 2hrs of just chatting in a relaxed room with a coffee in my hand I felt like it was a home from home. I feel comfortable and most of all I felt like I was not being judged for the thoughts and feelings I was having. Gav made me look, think and feel differently about the way I viewed life and the events it presented on a day to day. I can honestly say it has helped me immensely. I would recommend one of Gav’s nlp session to anyone who is searching for something but they are not sure what. When I walked out of my session I was refreshed and calm. Definitely highly recommend.

Charlie V

Cannot recommend enough! Literally changed my life through changing the way I think, feel and react to everything! I would quite honestly would not still be alive right now without the help I received! Amazing, effective and couldn’t thank you enough for saving me!

Scott L

I cannot recommend this enough. My son suffered with fainting episodes when he cut himself. After one session this has completely changed. He is a different child. Thank you Gavin

Joe T

I used Gavin for two separate issues I was facing. Struggled coping with social situations and problems with sleep. The service he offered was a mix of mental exercises, guided meditation/Hypnotherapy and reading material that I could utilise when at home. The exercises were enjoyable and interactive and enabled me to open my mind and see things differently. The service offered was massively helpful in contributing to improving my wellbeing. I was able to implement the techniques I learnt with Gavin in situations I found daunting and trigged my anxiety to completely supress these feelings. I am a different person now and my anxiety isn’t a massive hindrance on my day-to-day life.